Structural Bioinformatics Unit -
                University of Balearic Islands


In this page se report a selection of useful link to web pages of collaborators, databases and servers.


CIPF Structural Genomics Unit directed by Dr. Marc A. Marti-Renom at the Centro the Investigacion Principe. Felipe at Valencia (Spain).
Stanford University Helix group directed by Prof. Russ B. Altman at the Stanford University (United States of America).
University of Bologna Bologna Biocomputing Unit directed by Prof. Rita Casadio at University of Bologna (Italy).
UC Santiago de Chile Laboratorio de Bioinformatica Molecular directed by Prof. Francisco Melo Ledermann at Catholic Univesty of Santiago de Chile (Chile).


NCBI The National Center for Biotechnology Information.
PDB Protein Data Bank. Database of Macronolecular Structures.
PubMed Repository of biomedical publication at the NCBI.
SwissVar Portal to Swiss-Prot diseases and variants.
UniProt Resource of protein sequence and functional. information


BLAST BLAST: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool.
LALIGN Person program to find multiple matching subsegments in two sequences.
SRS Sequence retrieval System at the EBI

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Structural Bioinformatics Unit -
                University of Balearic Islands